• Spring Term 2021 - 13th of September to Sunday 5th of December For those wishing to continue with the exploration of practical philosophy, further courses are offered by the School of Philosophy, which serve to expand and deepen the students appreciation of the search for Wisdom. These are referred to as Ongoing Courses for enrolment purposes and consist of the M, I & S levels.
  • Spring Term 2021 - 13th of September to Sunday 5th of December The Continuation Courses (Early groups and N level) are a follow-on from our Introductory Course and explore other great themes. These courses consist of one session per week for 12 weeks, each session lasting 2 hours. The cost varies depending on location and fees are payable in full before the course commences. A pre-requisite for enrolment is the completion of the Wisdom Within Course.

    A warm welcome to Practical Philosophy Australia students

    Come and join a Melbourne School of Philosophy face-to-face group! We have several options available for you:

    • Join one of the two Love courses being offered, by selecting from the "Location" drop-down below:
      • Melbourne CBD (RSV) Tuesday 6.15pm
      • Hawthorn Thursday 7pm
    • Join an Introductory class - The Wisdom Within
    • Contact our office team to discuss the best option for you - Contact

    covid-safe-logoAs part of our COVID Safe plan we require that all new students fully complete the enrolment below or contact our office prior to attending their first class.

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