Starts: Mon 27th of Dec 2021
Ends: Fri 31st of Dec 2021

Cost: $100 (paid by Oct 31st)
$150 for registrations thereafter


Details will be provided.


Registrations are closing on the 30th of November 2021.
No late entries accepted.

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Contact Tessa Stephens

Contact Tessa Stephens

Australasian Online Sanskrit Week

‘That which is bright and is subtler than the subtle, and that on which are fixed all the worlds as well as the dwellers of the worlds, is this immutable Brahman; It is this vital force; It, again, is speech and mind. This entity that is such, is true. It is immortal. It is to be penetrated. O good-looking one, shoot (at it).’
(Muṇḍaka Upaniṣad II.ii.ii.)

What You Will Need

  • Sanskrit pen and paper

  • Monier Williams Sanskrit Dictionary

  • Dhātu Pāṭha

Programme Includes

  • Meditation

  • Study of the Muṇḍaka Upaniṣad

  • Chanting

  • International guest speakers

“All that is needed at this moment is a real and sincere work on language. With confidence and slow speed, one needs to keep to the study and wait for the light of reality to emerge.”
(Śrī Śāntānanda Sarasvatī Conversations 1976, 10.7)

Fee to be paid to your own School: $100 if paid by 31 October 2021. Thereafter $150. Your Head of Sanskrit will provide payment instructions.

Who May Attend: Open to meditating members of philosophy groups in the School, however familiarity with the Sanskrit alphabet is essential. Students must also have previously attended a School residential.


“Sanskrit Week” information flyer pdf available here…