Introductory Course

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Introductory Course – The Wisdom Within

An introduction to some of the timeless philosophies from around the globe with quotations from a selection of humanity’s greatest minds. These are underpinned by practices that can be used in daily life to make these concepts experiential.

Summer Term Commencing beginning week 27th of May 2024
Online sessions are approximately 1.5 hours and face to face sessions run for 2.5 hours including a tea-break.

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THE WISDOM WITHIN’ course poses the question Who am I? and gives practical ways to explore the answer. It does not attempt to cover all philosophical systems, but there is plenty of opportunity for anyone interested to engage in lively discussion of the big questions of life and the world around us. Previous students have discovered a more mindful presence and effective action in work, study and every aspect of daily life.

  • Hawthorn 7:00pm Session – begins Tue 28th May 2024

  • Hawthorn 10:00am Session – begins Wed 29th May 2024

  • Online 7:00pm Session – begins Thu 30th May 2024

Currently there are no mandatory restrictions for the control of Covid however, having regard to care for others and for ourselves, we request that you refrain from attending face to face group meetings whilst experiencing cold and flu like symptoms that could be passed on. Please feel free to wear a face mask at any time. Thank you.

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