Throughout the year the Melbourne School of Philosophy join in and celebrate a number of significant days. These include but are not limited to Teachers Day, World philosophy day and Just This Day. We also occasionally hold open days at some of our regional branches in addition to cultural events and presentations. When any of these are approaching we will include all the details on this page as well as links and instructions on how to attend.

Just This Day – 25th of November 2020

Just this day is an annual worldwide celebration to fall still and connect with the One underlying humanity in all, behind apparent differences. It was initiated by Mrs Elizabeth Edmunds in the school in the UK many years ago. As we are unable to meet personally to celebrate the day, this year it will be done via the zoom medium in your homes. The focus for this year’s Just This Day is to celebrate the “Union of the finite with the Eternal Being” in all.


Join us on November 25th for a Meditatathon

From 7:30am – 19:30pm GMT on November 25th, you can join an online meditation with readings on the hour to inspire you.


We will be taking a different approach to physically walking the labyrinth, instead we invite you to honour the moment by using the mandala version of the labyrinth below, making it full screen and using your cursor to follow the path to its centre and back out again. You may also like to use the labyrinth as a mandala for further contemplation.

When the human heart comes into spontaneous resonance with the divine heart itself, then finite and infinite become a single continuous wavelength and authentic communication becomes possible.

This year’s labyrinth

The illuminated labyrinth is emerging out of the darkness and invites us to journey into its centre. Its horizontal line is symbolic of time as finite and the vertical line as the eternal infinite; where they meet at the centre is the point of unity, the still point where all is one.