Introductory Courses Online

These 10-session online courses will allow students to interact through video conferencing, not just with the tutors, but with other students in the group.
It offers time-tested principles that lead to freedom and sustainable happiness. You will receive an introduction to the world’s great Philosophical teachings which have stood the test of time. You will also participate in inquiries into core questions about life and existence; experiment with exercises in mindfulness and discover how easily you can access the wisdom you already have within you.


This online course examines how the combined wisdom of East and West can help us find freedom, happiness and fulfilment. Jobs come and go, physical beauty fades, markets rise and fall. Even close relationships can end. But the benefits of philosophy last a lifetime.


In this online course will build on the material presented in the introduction further examining time-tested principles that lead to freedom and sustainable happiness. Gain tools for living life more consciously and discover how to realise your full potential.


Having completed ‘The Wisdom Within’ course students have the option to continue their enquiry by attending one of our continuation courses. The subjects of these cover the following topics; Love, Happiness, Presence of Mind and Freedom. Read More… > on Continuation Courses.