Sanskrit is an ancient language that holds a special place in the School, not only because it is a wonderfully rich and beautiful language in its own right, but also because of the breadth and depth of its philosophical literature and the unsurpassed intelligence and orderliness of its grammar. In particular, the stilling and purifying effect of sounding verses has been found to be beneficial. The School has developed a Sanskrit course that highlights these features, and this is open to all Philosophy students.

There is now quite some facility with the language and many students are able to study confidently. As students progress through School, they are able to use their knowledge of Sanskrit to study and reflect on passages from Sanskrit literature in order to deepen their understanding of philosophy.

From time to time, students of Sanskrit gather together to study verses from scriptures, reflect upon their meaning and discuss their insights. Study meetings may take place over a morning, a weekend or a week. Traditionally there is a week-long meeting in the UK, with large numbers of students attending from schools all around the world; and a similar week in Australasia.  These meetings are a practical expression of the unity, friendship and love that philosophy strives for.

Those who wish to study Sanskrit outside of the School can do so with the Melbourne Sanskrit Language School using the same curriculum and can be contacted through the School office.

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Australasian Online Sanskrit Week

Monday 2nd January 2023 to Friday 6th January 2023

To comply with Government directives and medical advice concerning COVID-19, the Sanskrit Study Events have been moved to the online platform.
Online version of the Sanskrit Study Week is available for enrolments now.

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