Practical Wisdom Workshops

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Practical Wisdom Workshops

Practical Wisdom Workshops available the Summer of 2024.

Please select the workshop(s) and complete enrolment to secure your booking.

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  • Philosophy and Economics – Man and Land – 10th of February 2024, presented by James Webster

  • A Case of Mistaken Identity? – 2nd of March 2024, presented by Chris Ford

  • Cut loose – and Sing! – 6th of April 2024, presented by Roger Bunting

Practical Wisdom Workshops are offered in the belief that the timeless wisdom traditions still have relevance in today’s world and when applied produce unique initiatives. For the past five years we have given a platform for 20+ passionate presenters to share close to 40 workshops. These presenters have all found inspiration and conviction from studying and practicing the tenets of wisdom texts over many years. They here offer the fruits of their endeavour which has been as much practical application as intellectual study.


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