Date: 22nd of July 2023
Sat 10:00-11:30am AEST

Donna Wynnemer

Cost: $15.00


Erasmus Primary School Library
40 Lisson Grove
Hawthorn Vic 3122

Be silent. Listen. Remember.

Feeling overwhelmed by the speed of life, by thoughts, judgements, criticisms in mind? Forgotten who you really are, wondering about your purpose in the cosmos? The wisdom and insights of the spiritual writings of the ancient Egyptian Hermes Trismegisus offer a relevant guide for remembering who you truly are and returning to that Self. The treatises are question-and-answer between master and student, in which can be heard questions that we, today, share. But can we hear the answers?

Be willing to ‘Be silent. Listen. Remember.’ Let the words speak straight into the being and bring change to the heart, awakening one to the truth, and lifting the soul.


Donna has retired from a career as a fashion buyer for retailers in the US and Australia including Bloomingdale’s, Georges, Country Road and others. Her creativity and love of textiles and apparel is manifest in knitting, needlepoint, felting, sewing, and wardrobe consultations for friends. She joyfully discovered the School of Philosophy several decades ago, and quickly joined study groups reading the works of Ficino, Plato, Plotinus and Dionysius, among others. In recent years, she has offered study groups for the Corpus Hermeticum, sharing her passion for the writings of Hermes and its relevance to us now, with the hope that it uplifts others.

Why ‘my way’ turns out to be the wrong way (and what else is available to us).


This interactive presentation looks at why pursuing ‘my way’ only leads to frustration and complications.

If you have ever been at the beck and call of events, with a feeling of being at their mercy – with even more coming around the corner then this presentation is for you!

But is there an alternative and what is it?

Let’s open ourselves up to a possibility that there might be a more expansive, freer approach to life and all that it has to offer us.


Michael Smith is a recently retired commercial lawyer who was at one time the managing partner of a city law firm with over 120 staff. Practicing mainly in contract and business law, Michael provided advice to businesses of all sizes ranging from a major Australian bank to small and medium businesses with a practice also in sports and entertainment law. In recent years, he was the in-house lawyer at an inner-city council. A tutor and student of Philosophy, Michael also has a special interest in Plato and what Plato can tell us about life’s purpose and how to navigate it.