Date: 2nd March 2024
Sat 10:00-11:30am AEST

Presenter: Chris Ford

Cost: $25.00


Online via Zoom.
Meeting details will be supplied after registration.

A Case of Mistaken Identity?

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? Have you mistaken something for something else? From a philosophical and spiritual point of view, who I am, is the real start of the journey to finding freedom and liberation for oneself. Who I am is often taken for granted, and upon enquiry and reflection, it is soon realised, it is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer.

The mind and how we perceive the world and ourselves prove challenging obstacles and resistance to understanding and resolving who I am. We will explore the work of the wise and take a mystical enquiry into the Story of Adam and Eve to see how we mistakenly became who we are not.


Chris has been in the Melbourne School since the year 2000 and has been facilitating early part groups since 2008. He has a deep interest in practical philosophy and the mystical traditions that point to a true perception of reality.

Family plays a key role with three boys and a very artistic partner. Chris has worked in the construction industry importing and exporting materials across the US, UK, Europe and of course Australia.