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The Melbourne School of Philosophy runs courses in Practical Philosophy at several locations around Victoria. We are very pleased to inform that our ongoing classes are returning to face-to-face and some will remain online for the majority of our continuation courses.

All scheduled philosophy classes can revert to online Zoom classes if the pandemic situation changes.

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The Law of Three

This course takes a more systematic and practical look at the three guṇāh, introduced in the ‘Wisdom Within’ course.  The knowledge of the guṇāh is the key to self-mastery.  Knowledge of their play brings greater understanding of all aspects of life, providing perspective, understanding and the opportunity to respond freely to every situation we meet.

Ultimately, such knowledge can lead to freedom from the influence of the guṇāh and once the gunah are transcended, what then? The Bhagavad Gītā says that this knowledge releases us from bondage and carries us to liberation.

The Five Sheaths (Kosha)

The five sheaths work much like clouds when they cover the sun. The sun does not stop shining and is unaffected by the clouds and yet, when covered, its light appears much dimmer. So it is, with the essence of our being. It can be hidden from sight, but this does not mean that it has ceased to be.

Although the five sheaths can conceal the self from view, they can also be the very means for displaying the glory of the self.

Each kosha is progressively more refined and more subtle than the one before. Knowing what they are and understanding their nature might mean being free of their limits.



Harmony has its origins in the principles of music, seven principal notes arranged and re-arranged according to time and rhythm. The variety of musical forms testifies to the infinite potential available to anyone who knows about the octave.

Just as music has rules, so does action. Nature creates mountains, carves out continents and regulates the ebb and flow of the oceans, all because it’s built to follow rules. Human beings, however, have the freedom to choose – if they know how to act harmoniously, they can do so. Our minds can act in harmony with our hearts and our actions can act in harmony with the needs of others.

The result is internal harmony, harmony with the world around us and harmony with the universe.