The Melbourne School of Philosophy runs courses in Practical Philosophy at several venues around Victoria.
Our ten-week introductory course entitled ‘The Wisdom Within’ is offered three times a year beginning in January, May and September.

Once enrolled you join a group of diverse people from differing backgrounds and with (often) diverse points of view. A facilitator sits at the front of the group and reads from the material for the evening which is themed and progressive. The group discuss the concepts put forward in a spirit of mutual respect.

“It’s often a rare event to have a discussion with only one person speaking at any one time, people were respectful they would wait for the other person and listen to what they had to say rather than having to interject and impose.” Reg – Student.

The facilitator guides the discussion and encourages examples from everyday life to illuminate the concepts under discussion. There is no right answer. The nature of the discourse is dialectic in nature and the object of the discussion is to listen without prejudice and be open to the views of others. The basic tenet of the course (and indeed the Melbourne School of Philosophy as a whole) is to ‘neither accept nor reject’ what is proposed but to practice it in your daily life and observe what happens. The student is then encouraged to bring back their observations from the week and share with the group.

Students that have completed ‘The Wisdom Within’ course are invited to continue their study with one of our continuation courses. All continuation courses are stand alone and non-sequential and can be studied in any order.

Meditation As Part Of Practical Philosophy

Development of mental clarity and emotional well-being is an important part of Practical Philosophy. To help in this development, traditional mantra meditation is offered after several terms of study. The School has been teaching and supporting students in this form of meditation for over 50 years.

The School continues to make this meditation available, as a fundamental part of Practical Philosophy, for whoever is seeking fullness of life and a deeper understanding of themselves. It is natural, easily learnt and can be practised within the demands of daily living.