A short course in the science, practice and philosophy of mindfulness, presented by Dr. Craig Hassed OAM

Mindfulness can be described both as a form of meditation and a way of living. For millennia the world’s great wisdom traditions have embraced the principles and practice of mindfulness by various names but in recent times it has been ‘discovered’ by the mainstream. Mindfulness has generated enormous interest in fields as diverse as mental health, neuroscience, genetics, education, sport and leadership. It may be the single most important life skill we ever develop.

‘Mindfulness for Life: science, practice and philosophy’ is an informative, experiential and interactive course, exploring not just the theory, philosophy and science of mindfulness but also how to apply it to various aspects of life. The course includes a series of interactive presentations exploring the scientific underpinnings of mindfulness and the evidence regarding its use in various settings as well as guided mindfulness practices. Participants are encouraged to apply the practices between sessions and share insights and ask questions the following week.

The course will be offered over four evenings running from 7.00pm to 9.30pm. No prior learning or experience with mindfulness is required. Places are limited so booking ahead is recommended. Dates, venue and fees will be advertised in advance of the next course starting.