The Course

The Wisdom Within is the first course at the school. The course format is online using zoom, with a dedicated tutor. It will introduce you to the world’s great philosophical teachings, show you ways of accessing a lasting happiness beyond material gain and help you to realise the unifying power of love.

You will consider where true wisdom is found; what it means to come to a greater understanding of yourself and your states of awareness; how justice is relevant to a meaningful life, and what the present moment means in practical terms. In short, how to embrace everything life has to offer with increased confidence and clarity.


Free Talk

We are hosting a free 1hr talk designed to explain in detail what our Introductory course is about, the benefits of practical philosophy and to answer any questions you might have.

Join The Wisdom Within and wonder with us!

In the first few weeks there were a lot of people but it warmed my heart to hear people being so open and honest about their lives. The facilitation is through open ended questions, not saying this is the answer.


Not only did the practices calm me and allow me to see the natural world and gain some sort of inner stillness but it also created an opportunity for me to think differently about my place in the world…


What the course has actually helped me to do is to be not so rigid in my thinking and been able to use some of the Philosophers teaching in the way I approach problems and everyday life.