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Sanskrit offers an expansive view of human nature and its role in creation. In this era of unprecedented change and uncertainty, it can be a valuable tool to assess and look afresh at society. Please see events details in the “Description” below.

Coming Soon!

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Sanskrit Study Week

The week is open to members of philosophy groups in the School who are meditating, have familiarity with the Sanskrit alphabet and have attended a School residential.


Starts: Mon, 28th of Dec 2020

Ends: Fri, 1st of Jan 2021

Cost: $100.00 per person


Online: using Zoom Meeting

Phone: (03) 9818 0804

This event has been held every year for 30 years and now for the first time it will be offered online. It provides the opportunity for quiet study, practice, reflection and discussion on the Kaṭha Upaniṣad 1.2.20 – 1.2.22

What You Will Need

Study is offered at all levels. Full notes will be provided. If you have them, have on hand:

  • Sanskrit pen, paper

  • Current study material

  • Sanskrit dictionary

  • Dhātu Pāṭha

Programme Includes

Study of the Kaṭha Upaniṣad
Pāṇini Grammar
Sanskrit Reading
International guest speakers

“All that is needed at this moment is a real and sincere work on language. With confidence and slow speed, one needs to keep to the study and wait for the light of reality to emerge.”
Śrī Śāntānanda Sarasvatī Conversations 1976, 10.7

* Sanskrit Study Day – Coming Soon

A Sanskrit study day is held once a term and is open to all members of the school. It consists of the sounding of the Sanskrit alphabet, followed by some simple prayers. There is also calligraphy and the study of a verse from either the Bhagavad Gita or one of the major Upanisads.

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